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A cut above all the rest. Their authentic offerings are both delicious and filling. Everything on their menu is wonderfully executed, making this a stand alone Chinese foods place on grubhub. Their beef and Chinese broccoli, Hunan chicken, spicy beef stew, rice cakes (however prepared), and their dim sum and appetizers are all tasty and obviously made with quality ingredients.

The one single con I encountered? The wine chicken, although just as delicious as it's fellow offerings, was sliced and had multiple bone pieces in each chicken bite forcing you to eat in a little bit of an unsatisfying way.


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Food arrived hot and fast. Wasn't sure how soup dumplings would hold up during delivery but everything was just great.


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Good dependable place for solid Chinese food. Friendly staff. Prices reasonable for the amount of food you get


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They are always reliable. The delivery was early, and food was delicious. One of my favorite restaurants.


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My favorite for the neighborhood. Convenient, fast, good value, great food.

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Marianne j

2 reviews
Always good, hot, and early. Chicken with broccoli and pork/shrimp dumplings among the best in the area. We have ordered many times before with confidence that it will be worthwhile.


1 review
Delivery arrived much faster than the expected time! Good too because we were hungry. Love eating their food whether in person or otherwise. The other locations are good too.


3 reviews
The hot and sour soup was heavy on the pepper corn rather than red chili pepper. Some might not like that. Everthing else was amazing. They do not


1 review
AMAZING food. scallion pancakes, sesame noodles, beef -- all delicious. literally the best food i've had in flushing by far.


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Delicious but pricey. Food was delivered quickly and was still hot. Will order again when I feel like splurging.

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Shanghai Asian Cuisine offers a cozy dining space to sample some Shanghainese favorites in the heartof Chinatown. Locals and visitors enjoy the complimentary hot tea, the friendly service and authentic dishes, like the Xiao Long Bao, a juicy dumpling filled with steamed pork and a tasty soup broth. The picture-filled menuproves reader-friendly, while prices remain budget-friendly. Other restaurant favorites includethe cold wine chickenand Shanghai-style Lo Mein.